XFC 28: Highly Touted Amateur Andrea Lee Set For Pro Debut Against Suzie Montero

Press Release – You can’t talk XFC, without talking women’s mixed martial arts. Since 2008, John Prisco and company have been on the forefront of women’s MMA, so it should come with no surprise that the 3rd announcement regarding XFC 28 involves the ladies. One of the South’s most popular amateurs, Andrea “KGB” Lee, finally makes her long-awaited debut against Florida’s Suzie Montero.

Louisiana’s resident badass, Andrea “KGB” Lee (Debut), has decided it’s about time to trade in the 7 ounce gloves for a pair of 4′s. The scrappy country girl from Bossier City’s attitude of welcoming stiff competition and fighting all comers as an amateur, will serve her well heading into her pro debut this Fall; especially facing a cagey veteran the likes of Montero. Although Lee’s base discipline is Muay Thai, 3 of her 7 wins have come from an underrated ground game. When opponents have slept on her grappling, they have found themselves tapping to picture perfect armbars. Only time will tell if the investment in KGB will pay off, but with a win over Suzie Montero, her stock will certainly rise and please everyone that’s gotten in early on one of WMMA’s hottest commodities.

32 year-old Suzie “La China” Montero (2-2) has been competing professionally since 2011. Fighting an average of once a year, this Florida gym rat spends most of her time honing her craft on the mats; only taking fights when she feels the need to scratch her competitive itch. Montero has already stood across the cage opposite of some of the top names in the business. Her two losses come by the hands of UFC standout Jessamyn Duke and current XFC Champion Pearl Gonzalez. With big show opportunities under her belt, Montero will bring a certain level of confidence into her bout with Lee that only comes with experience. With her two wins coming by decision, La China’s game plan could be to take the newbie into the late rounds and see how she responds to a timely amount inside the XFC HeXagon.

John Prisco, President and Matchmaker for the XFC, had this to say in regards to Andrea Lee versus Suzie Montero: “I’m really excited about this one! Andrea will be coming into her pro debut with a lot of eyes on her. It’s her attitude and work ethic that has really impressed me. When I signed her, she could have just sat on her current amateur record and coasted into her pro debut; without chancing the momentum and hype she had built up for herself. But instead, she booked as many fights as she could fit in, to better master her skills before we scheduled her pro debut. She really isn’t afraid of anything. But here’s the deal…debut or not, she isn’t getting any favors from us. She is getting tested right from the jump; the same way Cortney Casey did. When you come in with this much hype, you gotta be able to back it up. Suzie Montero is a solid vet with four pro fights under her belt. She is by no means a gatekeeper or stepping stone. Montero is as tough as they come and has been in the cage with some of the best in the sport. She has all the tools to stop the Andrea Lee, we will see how it plays out inside the hexagon at XFC 28.”


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