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“A Dream Come True” – ACF Torino’s Diana Barrera plays in the CONCACAF tournament

Nude Athletes October 28, 2014 62

Guatemala National Team player Diana Barrera on the pitch at her former high school in Kensington, MD. One of the great joys of following lower-level women’s soccer as I do is when a

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Amantle Montsho tests positive, a commentary on drugs in sport

Nude Athletes August 5, 2014 122

  It happened about three in the afternoon on Saturday, 2 August. I got a note that an athlete had tested positive. I went over to my friend, Duncan MacKay, editor of Inside the

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Michael Cooper interview, Part II: The Atlanta Dream’s offseason, the 2014 WNBA Draft, and Pat Riley’s influence

Nude Athletes February 15, 2014 131

In a two-part interview, Michael Cooper spoke with Swish Appeal about his new job as new head coach of the Atlanta Dream. In Part II, Cooper addresses questions about the Dream's offseason and

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5 Things This NFL Coach is Doing Differently

Nude Athletes January 23, 2014 45

by Erica Quam, President & Founder of The Coaching Experience I have been watching the Seattle Seahawks and pulling for them since 2002 when I officially became a resident of the state of Washington.

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The new Big East and American Athletic Conferences – power or mid-major?

Nude Athletes November 14, 2013 17

At the beginning of next month, the Big East - the mega-basketball conference that has dominated women's basketball for so long - will be splitting in two. A group of schools called the

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Top 50 Googled Female Athletes In 2012

Top 50 Googled Female Athletes In 2012

Nude Athletes October 7, 2013 0

Some of these may surprise you… 50. Francesca Piccinini Google Results From Past Year: 71,400 You may not have heard of her (unless you happened to read our list of the hottest female athletes

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[email protected] Welcomes 41 New Members

Nude Athletes September 14, 2013 32

Author:  NACWAA Angie Cretors has accepted the position of senior associate director of athletics for NCAA rules education and compliance services at the University of Connecticut. She was previously associate director of enforcement at

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Games I’d wish I’d seen: 7 December 2013

Nude Athletes September 4, 2013 18

Lots of company, lots of Ukrainian food, lots of earnest kids singing and lots of games I'd wish I'd seen.. Despite the fact that there was enough college football on TV to choke

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Sports History Files: Remembering an American soccer pioneer

Nude Athletes July 1, 2013 15

“The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.” — Phil Woosnam     Like a lot of

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Women’s basketball links: Chelsea Gray’s return, Shoni Schimmel on the Washington pro football team’s name

Nude Athletes June 12, 2013 55

There are a ton of links floating around the web over the last few days in advance of the NCAA women's basketball season starting up. As I did with the WNBA season, I'm

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